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Brand realignment generates new growth pipeline


With Australia committing to a net zero emissions target by 2050, the challenge for many companies is how to accelerate their renewable energy transition strategies more efficiently and cost-effectively.

For leading infrastructure services and construction provider MPC Kinetic (MPK), the market shift to renewables was viewed as a perfect opportunity to leverage its expertise, ingenuity, resources and relationships. MPK’s long-established reputation for dynamic problem-solving, especially in the energy, water and natural resources sectors, provided a solid foundation to grow in this emerging market.

To help drive its ambitions in the expanding green energy sector, MPK decided to reposition the business by creating a specialised unit to fully focus on advancing future opportunities.


Vital to the success of the repositioning strategy, MPK invested in a brand realignment program to reset the company’s brand platform in readiness for increasing demand.

The strategic brand realignment included

  • Circulation of a Brand Gap questionnaire to assess internal perceptions of the current brand and the future brand
  • A peer group review to evaluate the business landscape and competitor brand positioning
  • A client workshop to dig deeper into the insights obtained throughout the discovery phase
  • Creation of positioning territories to test most desired positioning and tone of voice

The brand strategy process culminated in a dynamic, future-focused positioning platform including an evolved value proposition, a pithy elevator statement full of contemporary attitude and a catchy tag line to support MPK’s new positioning. The brand strategy also accelerated the company’s decision to change its brand name from MPC Kinetic (a legacy from a merger) to MPK, a commonly used acronym used by key stakeholders.

MPK branding and logo

mpk branding elements


With a compelling new positioning, the next phase was to bring it to life with a singular, stand out idea that was ownable and different. From the 3 overarching concepts presented, the ‘reshaping future energy’ concept was the most distinctive and excited for MPK.

The approved concept adopted a more futuristic tone bringing modern patterns, shapes, colour pairings and iconography design together to build a dynamic new look for the brand.
The concept idea was then leveraged into the creative brief for the brand logo and visual identity system evolution.


Upon completion of the visual identity system, the time had arrived to apply it across the company’s major communication touch points including; corporate website and stationery, promotional items, plant and equipment signage and livery.

Whilst updating the site in the existing WIX platform presented a few challenges, the combination of fresh, pithy content and contemporary design blended effectively to advance MPK’s aspirations to become a leading player in the green energy essential services sector.

The website refresh also included overhauling the content to infuse the new positioning and tone of voice into the business story.


The impact of the brand realignment has been profound, especially amongst internal stakeholders and the company’s international investors. The contrast between old branding and new could not be starker and whilst it is still early days to measure customer reactions and new business impact, the company firmly believes the realignment program undertaken will deliver considerable returns on investment over time.

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