It’s your business story, make it stand out

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January 2021

It’s your business story,
make it stand out

We are now over halfway through FY21 and for ASX listed companies across Australia, attention will be turning to their upcoming half year reporting period.

For some companies, the half year report is considered a compliance exercise… tick the box and move on! However, by adopting this approach, organisations are missing out on an ideal opportunity to reengage investors in their business stories, especially after a very challenging economic period.

2020 has certainly seen unprecedented disruption to business around the world. Ironically, apart from the dramatic dip in the ASX during the March/April period, the rebound has been one of the strongest in recent memories.

Recent market sentiment has created the perfect environment for companies to IPO and list or to undertake M&A activities. The past 6 months has seen one of the strongest IPO periods in over a decade with many companies taking this opportunity. With strong market confidence comes increased competition for capital. Differentiating and standing out amongst your peers will help attract attention to your company and a proven approach to achieving this is engaging investors with a consistent and compelling business narrative.

Stand out with a more engaging HY report

Think about your half year reporting communications as another opportunity to connect to and engage your shareholders and prospective investors. It need not be a low-key compliance document. Consider maximising your FY20 annual report investment by leveraging its thinking, storytelling and styling into a cost effective HY communication. This approach will not only deliver your story and key messages consistently, it will also be a more effective way to reengage stakeholders in your company’s strategy, differentiating qualities, performance and outlook.

Not another Powerpoint presentation

Companies that do not provide non-financial indicators leave investors and analysts to make their own deductions usually resulting in undervaluation. A balance of financial and non-financial indicators helps investors build a more complete picture of a company’s value.

Bring your investor proposition to life – online

Generally, the best place for stakeholders to seek up-to-date, relevant and engaging information on a company is via its corporate website and investor centre. A thoughtful investor centre that cogently explains the company’s business story as well as provides the latest announcements and compliance information will communicate significantly more effectively than the ASX website. With a small investment, companies can engage their shareholders in a more profound way through a considered, contemporary investor centre or corporate website.

Your business story explained in 60 seconds

Investor focused videos are now a more ubiquitous communications tool as stakeholders migrate to digital channels for investment information. In just 60 seconds, a well-designed, informative and targeted explainer video will provide audiences with a clear perspective of your company’s proposition, its key differences, its competitive advantages and its outlook for the future. In particular, low cost animated videos are a highly effective communications tool because they are quicker to produce and update when needed and can explain complex business stories and messages in an easy to digest way.

ESG matters growing in importance

Whether you’ve recently listed or are a long standing ASX listed company, ESG reporting is now essential to stakeholder communications. Our proprietary, streamlined process and expert Alliance team ensures you will get your ESG reporting right.

The Alliance is a team of ESG reporting experts. We bring essential, professional skills to your ESG reporting including, business and communications strategy, ESG expertise, design and copywriting, digital delivery and measurement. But it doesn’t stop here. With the Alliance, you have a team of problem-solvers to work with you through the challenges and opportunities that your ESG reporting process uncovers, well after we’ve delivered the report.

The Alliance is a group of Australian companies specialised in sustainability, climate risk, water and stakeholder engagement supported by more than 100 dedicated engineers, scientists, strategists communicators and corporate relations experts across AU.

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