True Value Solar

True Value Solar’s above-the-line advertising was failing to deliver the cut-through and sales leads expected.  One of the key reason for TVS’s underperforming advertising was the style and tone of the creative execution. The production values looked and sounded ‘low budget’ and it didn’t reflect the brand’s desired positioning ‘affordable quality’. Our challenge was to improve the TVCs production values so it will engage and motivate the target to call TVS for a quote or go to their website for further information. 

A more compelling lead proposition that encouraged customers to become better informed about solar and the savings was developed. The Free Energy Audit service offer was the mechanism presented to achieve this outcome.

The TVC creative was built around a visually compelling “birds eye view” of an animated suburban neighbourhood with lots of roof top solar systems visible. A big bright sun played a key role in communicating the benefits of using the sun’s free energy to help reduce power bills. Animated supers, a memorable voice over and catchy soundtrack contributed to the TVC’s overall consumer appeal.