Monash IVF Group

In 2015, Collier Creative were mandated to produce Monash IVF’s IPO communications including the Offer document. Since then, Collier Creative have been engaged to design, produce and manage Monash’s annual reports. The 2016 annual report’s role was to help the CEO and CFO articulate the company’s exciting business story including it’s plans for future growth.

In 2015, a simple, memorable theme line ‘Invest in Life’ was developed to capture Monash IVF’s investment story. In 2016, the theme line was again used as a driver for their reporting communications. Content was developed to express and visually depict what these words mean at Monash: for staff, patients, investors and the wider community.

The 2016 reporting communications was designed and delivered across the traditional print as well as online channels. Monash viewed their 2016 report as a transition year to shift their reporting communications away from print to digital. The digital report used Collier Creative’s customised online report product which is simple, easy to use and highly effective. A four minute, personal video address from the CEO was added to enhance the online experience for investors.