Longevity Group Australia

In early 2016, Transport Friendly Society Limited (a 126 year old company) started the transition process to shift from a boutique financial services brand, to a specialist property solutions company. Having expertise in aged care housing, TFSL undertook research and discovered a gap in the next stage living residential market.

To optimise this opportunity, a brand strategy process was undertaken culminating in the recommendation to re-name the business and develop a new category name to better reflect and differentiate TFSL’s unique offering. A new brand mark and visual identity design was also required to visually articulate the new brand story.

The new brand name was inspired by the burgeoning ‘longevity economy’ in the USA. The longevity economy refers to the 50+ year old consumer market who are empowered with accumulated wealth and who have a positive outlook and lifestyle aspirations for their retirement years.

A new brand mark and visual identity design followed reflecting the brand’s premium positioning and customer proposition. Central to the brand mark design was a strong, ‘L’ shaped device representing a new clear direction and a new way of thinking. The new visual identity design was then applied across a range of communication tactics including a website, corporate profile, stationery, signage and a brand video. The Longevity brand story was articulated through an overarching concept called ‘Live Longevity’ to help capture the essence of this new aspirational lifestyle choice.
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